On this page we will show you around in Cruquius. First, you can click on the thumbnails for two special pictures of Cruquius engine room, made by professional photographer Edith van Putten.

Second, on this page are two video' s. The first video is about Cruquius in motion and the second is a videofragment about the inside of the largest cylinder in the world.

Panorama pictures

The following professional pictures will show you the engine room with its magnificent details.

panorama picture cruquius engine room edith van putten
panorama picture cruquius engine room edith van putten


Video by Robert Gisolf of Cruquius in motion.

Regularly website visitors ask us what exactly is situated inside the large cylinder of the Cruquius engine. The next video will answer this question. It is a fragment from the AVRO television progam 'Land in zicht' (about 1991) and was produced by HRmedia. We are very grateful to the AVRO and production company Hiemstra and Rutten for giving permission to publish this video fragment on the website.