On the initiative of technical volunteers, some advisory counsel members and a few board members this website was initially developed and brought online for the Cruquius Trust. Thus museum De Cruquius was one of the very first museums in the Netherlands with a website. The site was entirely realized and financed by volunteers of Cruquius Steam Team. For years the Cruquius museum did profit in many ways by the existence of the website. The site provided internet facilities for the museum, the site produced (inter)national publicity and contacts, promoted the museum and thus attracted visitors, and stimulated commercial side activities.

Previously Cruquius used to concentrate on the cultural heritage. Monument and exhibition were the main goal of all activities. Nowadays however the organization has commercialized and focuses attention on exploitation. The cultural heritage has become a facility. And so the ways of website volunteers and museum management parted. Since then we continue our activities with this independent original website. In the tradition of the old professional volunteers team we want to share our knowledge of the beautiful Cruquius monument and make sure this information is preserved for future steam amateurs and scientists.

this original independent cruquius website was created by cruquius specialists
we want to make our knowledge of steam technology accessible to the public and preserve this information for future steam amateurs
we hope that technophiles as well as others with an interest in steam will enjoy this website

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