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6 Butterley & Co.
7 Charlestown Foundry Charlestown
Operated 1827-present. Set up 1827 by J.& R.Michell. In 1835 taken over by John Thomas, joined before 1854 by his sons Edwin and James. For a time engines up to 70" could be made - until the 70" boring machine was sold in 1883. Changed hands in 1877 and 1883. In 1913 the last pumping engine for Cornwall E-0633 (36") was produced here for Martin's Goonbarrow Clay Works. JTS#25p37: 1926-1935 Jones,Curtis & Co. Ltd. 1935-? ECC group. DBB162: 1965 still ECC. JTS#25p37: at unknown date sold to Denver Sala Process Equipment Ltd., as such still operating in 1998.
8 Copperhouse Foundry Hayle
Set up c.1820 by the Cornish Copper Company, mine merchants with a copper-smelting past going back to c.1750. Later owned by Sandys, Carne & Vivian, later Sandys, Vivian & Co. DBB151 states that the foundry appears to have been set up 'to ruin Harvey', but according to JTS#6p10 there were early negotiations which failed, so enmity may have developed then. The wars between the two have been described in much detail by e.g. Vale and Pascoe. After c.1830 relations were gradually normalised. In 1839 a 144" blowing cylinder was cast in parts (but presumably machined assembled). In 1847 c.280 employed. Shipbuilding was one of the activities. In the declining years Copperhouse was hit hard. In 1867 Harvey acquired their quays, and in 1869 the foundry closed after failed attempts to sell it as a going concern (see e.g. WB1869/01/21). Further attempts to sell the premises eventually resulted in a sale to Harvey in 1876. The history of the foundry has been written up by Pascoe, his data on output have been incorporated in the database. See also JTS#6p7/19.
9 Davy Bros. Ltd. Sheffield
10 Distin & Chafe Devonport
KMB note: they built at least two engines, E-0847 (50"), and a small framed beam engine (not in the database yet). DBB167: firm known as ironmongers, DBB thinks they may have sub-contracted complete engines. MJ1853/08/27 "manuf.of pumping, drawing, stamping & other steam engines, Chilian mills, stamping, crushing & every other descr.of machinery .... competent engineers engaged to erect & work machinery in California & Australia".


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