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1 Basset Foundry Carn Brea
Operated 1860-1951. One of the 'later foundries' (DBB164), owned by F.Bartle & Co. They cast cylinders etc, and probably did not build complete engines. Not to be confused with Basset Foundry nr.Devoran (marine & general engineering, no engines).
2 Bedford Iron Foundry Tavistock
Established 1848 by Thomas Nicholls and John Williams and often referred to as 'Nicholls Williams'. In early 1850s, when the engine business was booming, they held on lease the small water-powered Roseland Vale Foundry (Menheniot), which lease expired Apr 1857 (WB1857/04/03, WB1859/09/02). In late 1860s styled Nicholls, Mathews &Co. - new partner is Wm.Mathews, mine equipment dealer of Tavistock. Dec 1869 (MJ1869/12) acquired Tavistock Foundry, Ironworks & Hammer Mills, all activities transferred there (adv.says that N,M&Co have been proprietors of Bedford "for thirty years").
3 Bells, Lightfoot & Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne
BEH. Walker Bridge Engineering Works.
4 Boulton & Watt Soho Foundry Birmingham
This foundry did not make Cornish engines, but has been included because several of its engines were later converted to the Cornish cycle. For company history see the many publications on the subject.
5 Boulton, Watt & Co. Birmingham


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