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surname initials notes
Bennett(s) W.
William Bennett (or Bennetts) (1829-1891). In early life worked for Brunel (Saltash Bridge). Best known as a maker of safety fuses. Mine engineer from early 1860s: N.Roskear (1861-1868), W.Condurrow, N.Whl.Crofty, N.Levant, Carn Camborne. DBB147 mentions a J.Bennetts without details.
Bickle T.
Thomas Bickle (?-?). Worked as erector for Harvey all his life. His five sons Josiah, John, William, Jebus and Thomas were all employed by Harvey, only Jebus (snr.) and his descendants figure in this list.
Bickle T.E.
Thomas Edwin Bickle (1857-1898). Son of Jebus Bickle snr. After education and work for Harvey he founded Bickle & Co. engineering works at Plymouth in 1888.
Bickle jnr. J.
Jebus Bickle jnr. (?-after 1914), son of J.Bickle snr. Educated in Hayle, apprenticed at Harvey and in Liverpool, then work at Harvey drawing office. In 1890 left to join brother T.E. in Plymouth, when the latter died in 1898, Jebus carried on the business with his father. During WW1 he worked for Holman Bros.
Bickle snr. J.
Jebus Bickle snr. (c.1822-1902). Son of T.Bickle. Worked at Harvey all his life, first in wheelwright's shop and foundry (one of his feet got burnt by molten iron), then drawing office, which he headed for a considerable time. From 1898 (when son T.E. died) he managed Bickle & Co. in Plymouth with son Jebus jnr. Was involved in making the drawings for the Haarlem engines (E-0012, E-0014). Only known photograph is of him standing inside the mis-cast 12 ft cylinder for E-0012 which had been kept at Hayle, possibly made for a lecture he gave to the Polytechnic Society in 1894 about his visit to Holland in the previous year. Prolific inventor and experimenter in many fields, exhibition judge, science instructor at Hayle.



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